About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to find and share natural, healthy products with our neighbors, friends, and families. We envision seeing people’s lives impacted, like ours have been, through simple lifestyle changes and healthy products.

Our goals are to offer a variety of natural, healthy products at affordable prices and to offer an affiliate program so all our customers can profit, too, from sharing the products.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to healthy results.

We only sell products that help our own family and friends.



We only source Non-GMO grains and products.


Direct Source

We source from people we know and as close to the growers as we can get.


Local Pickup

If you’re in East Texas you can avoid shipping charges by picking up your product.


Quality Service

We provide great service to all our customers.


Affordable Price

We offer affordable prices so everyone can purchase healthy products.


Referral Benefits

Join our Affiliate program, refer your friends and make commissions on their orders.

Our Quality

We source our products with our families in mind. In fact, we find our products while we’re searching for answers to our own health questions. Our glabrous canary seed is approved for human consumption and comes directly from a grain farm in Canada. We’ve been in the fields and know the farmer. After harvest, the seed is cleaned and packaged in a food-grade facility providing a high-quality, nutritious grain.

Our Family

“It’s not the promises that matter; it’s the RESULTS that count.” Carl Scott


Healthy Grain and Seed, LLC

Founded in 2017, Healthy Grain and Seed is family-owned and operated by Carl and Shirley Scott who searched for healthy products to improve their own lives and stumbled upon some amazing results.

The company is located in Jacksonville, Texas.

Carl Scott

Shirley Scott

Healthy Grain and Seed Products

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before using these products consult your physician.